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Boost Your Bottom Line Through Financial Literacy

Do your employees worry about personal finances? If so, they’re likely less productive, less attentive, and more apt to leave your employment for a few extra bucks. Master Financial Coach, Kelly Schols, will help boost your recruitment, retention, and productivity through the gift of financial literacy.

Your class and the manner in which it was given was incredible. I have already paid off 2 credit cards and increased my savings. I am being more intentional with my spending and am second-guessing myself constantly, which is a good thing. Thank you!

Jonathan Post, Operations Manager
The WireNut Plumbing, Electric and Air

Student Testimonials

  • I will put into practice the things you’ve taught us. Three years from now you’ll be able to tell your new students about a little old man in Florida, that made some dreams come true by changing his behavior.

    Gerald C.
  • This class puts the tools in front of me to do something.

    Tom M
  • Change your habits—Change your life!

    Tammy C.
  • There is hope at the end of the tunnel!

    Kiwi T.
  • This class provided a clearer understanding of getting out of debt and a sense of hope.

    Steve I.

Money Mindset Makeover Webinar & Downloads

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In 30-minutes Kelly Schols, Master Financial Coach, shares concepts to help you re-set your mindset from panic to planning. Kelly’s Money Mindset Makeover will help you remember the wisdom of allowing goals, not fear, to guide your decisions. He’ll give you advice on concepts that will reassure you that time is on your side.

Webinar Downloads

Monthly Cash Flow

This tool will help you get a handle on where your money is being spent.

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Quick Start Budget

This simple budget tool a great way to take control of your finances.

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